Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mini-Review of Lovemore sheet masks + Beautius Shop

Beautius is a newish shop based in Hong Kong selling (mainly) Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese sheet masks. I like the option to buy them individually instead of boxes because some brands have so many varieties to try!
The prices seem reasonable and shipping is free on orders over $45

Here are a few of the Lovemore masks I ordered. (These are all of the types available on Beautius, except Aloe & Loofah because wtf is a sponge doing in skincare??)

The Rhodiola and Red Barley masks were actually freebies. Rhodiola has such good reviews but its so freaking difficult to find! It was out of stock (literally out of stock everywhere) when I ordered so I e-mailed on the off-chance that Beautius would be re-stocking soon. Turns out theres a supply problem (possibly a case of being discontinued) but there happened to be one leftover which Tracey included in my order. So sweet! TT.TT

And here is a pic of the free masks received so far :3

I was accidentally sent the five My Scheming black pearl masks instead of five Lovemore black pearl masks. Rather than have me send them back or offer them at a discounted price, Tracey simply told me to keep them as a gift and sent a replacement the next day!

Oh and also: orders come with handwritten thank-you notes and SWEEEETIEEES!!

** Mini-Review **
I’ve tried the Cubilose, Black Pearl, Snow Lotus, Pearl Barley & Milk, Wine Yeast and Rhodiola mask so far.
I don’t think theres much difference between them TBH because they all leave my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. If I had to pick a fave it’d probably be Pearl Barley & Milk because it feels more hydrating and smells sooooooo yummy.

Fit: the masks are a bit too big for me but stay in place when folded. The material is thin and comfortable.

One thing I have noticed is that the masks are really drippy out the packet but start to dry out after around 20 minutes. (You’re supposed to keep them on for 10-15 but I don’t follow instructions meh) It’s always the nose bit and under-eyes that dry first while the rest of the sheet is ok, so I just peel those bits off, pat in the leftover essence and keep it on for another 20 minutes.

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  1. I was so excited to try the Taiwanese masks, but the fit was so dreadful that using them was not a nice experience. I am put off sheet masks for life! I have two of each left and I simply ignore them. I was so sad to feel disappointed by these masks because I actually love another Taiwanese brand Naruko, so I really thought I would like using the masks. And don't get me wrong, it is the fit that I don't like, not how well they perform. On the few occasions when I used them in spite of the poor fit on my skin, they actually do make the skin soft and supple and moisturized. But I will not repurchase and have decided to stick to masks that come in a tube...