Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#25 Day Sheet Mask Challenge

I had high hopes of joining the daily sheet mask club, doing the #30daysheetmaskchallenge with a different mask each day but I realised that (a) I’m five short (non!!) and (b) ain’t nobody got time for that.
Just three more and I could do a February #28daysheetmaskchallenge..! Screw it, 2016 is a leap year.

Truth be told, I’m not very fond of sheet masks - obvious to anyone beholding my collection of 180 or so… I hate that feeling of cold wet seaweed slapped on my face and I just can’t seem to make time for them! TT.TT I also question how much one can benefit from a bog-standard formula of butylene glycol, aloe, fragrance, preservatives and 1% Hungarian Rose extract.

So partly for science but really to whittle down my skincare hoard I set myself the target of using three masks per week. The aim: to determine whether sheet masks should become a staple or whether I’m better off investing in something super fancy like that $200 Ginseng cream from Sulwhasoo. (Fun fact: the sheet masks are still cheaper) (Not-so-fun-fact-more-a-horrible-realisation: it’ll take me more than a year to use up all these masks)

Unlike a blogging ‘schedule’, I’ve actually managed to keep this up for three weeks, alternating between two brands of “anti-acne” masks: the Leaders Mediu Amino Clearing Masks and LJH Tea Tree masks. (I’ll have a first impressions post up soon, once I finish translating the ingredients) I’ve been using three of the same mask each week and will keep doing that where possible since almost all of my masks come in packs of 5-10. I’m also trying to keep things consistent by sticking to a “theme” each month. So once I’ve used the anti-acne masks for a month, I’ll move on to the bee masks, then brightening masks, galactomyces masks and hydrating masks.

Stay Tuned! :)

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