Friday, 6 March 2015

Shopping for Asian Skincare: SASA

I finally succumbed to the allure of Korean skincare and ordered myself a bunch of products from Sasa is the go-to stop for Asian skincare and make-up but I hesitated to shop there because of bad customer reviews. (And I distrust online shopping haha) The shipping times are famously slow but what really put me off are reports of Sasa selling expired products. Sasa is very affordable and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was selling out of date products at a discount. Before I post my mini “haul” (vom), I thought I’d share my experience of shopping on Sasa.

Times: Shipping is estimated to take 14-21 business days. I received my order 14 calendar days from ordering, which isn’t too bad!
Cost: Sasa always seems to have free shipping promotions going with a $50 or $75 spend. The threshold is easily reached, believe me…

My order arrived safe and secure, with the products wrapped in a bubble wrap bag in a box packed with loose fill polystyrene.

Use-By Dates:
SO happy that everything is well within the expiry date and doesn’t appear to be ‘old stock’. I bought:
- A couple of cleansers from The Face Shop which expire in 2017
- A sleeping pack from Laneige, manufactured 2014-11-06
- Sleeping pack from Bio-Essence, manufactured 08/07/2014 and expires 07/07/2017

The only ‘bad’ thing I have to say about Sasa is the lack of ingredients lists. It’s a pain in the a$$ to trawl the internet looking for ingredients lists and more often than not I can’t find them in English -.-“ (Someone needs to start an Asian version of Beautypedia asap!)

I’d definitely order from Sasa again - and in fact, the big haul is on its way … (*kong-dag kong-dag kong-dag*) (nal boa nal boa Gwi-Soon…)


  1. I'm glad you had a good experience with sasa. Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky. My past two orders have been sent to me with damaged products. What's funny is that the shipping boxes look perfectly fine, all of the products are packaged together and fit snugly in the box, but one product is cracked all over. I suspect sasa just tossed in a defective product with my order. Also, for the first time, I started to take note of the expiry dates. Of the 3 products that had expiry dates, all of them had been expired by over a year. Do they have a return policy? Yes. Is it crap? Certainly. They expect me to ship them the products and once they receive it, that's when they decide whether or not to refund me. Based on reviews online, they'll just try to not refund me whatsoever. I am never buying from them again, nor will I ever recommend someone to them.

    1. The funny thing is, it was all downhill afterwards! In my subsequent orders, I received an expired product, one a couple of weeks from expiry and a set with a damaged item! :( And yep, their refund policy sucks. I also won't be buying from there again - plenty of shops with better customer service and prices!