Monday, 1 September 2014

Review: Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser

Since I stopped using DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil (reviewed here) I’ve been trying out loads of new cleansers hoping to find one that removes the day’s make-up and grime and doesn’t cause another horrible outbreak of spots.
I used up my stockpile of samples and found some nice ones in there but they were a wee bit too expensive (Elemis Cleansing Balm). Money down the sink, literally. Sooo I went on a little skincare spending spree (a haul - *barf*) and bought a couple of cleansers from Balm Balm (via

I thought I’d start my mini-series on cleansers with Balm Balm’s Super Light Coconut Cleanser. (Brace yourselves, thrilling stuff coming your way.)

-Theres only one ingredient so if you have a reaction, you can return it and avoid coconut oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride) forever. Coconut oil is said to be anti-inflammatory, which is nice to know but you wash it off at the end of the day.

The Good:
- 100% organic. Carries the Soil Association symbol, which I believe has the strictest testing standards for organic products
- Not tested on animals
- Not too expensive at £13.25/100ml
- No discernible smell

The Bad:
The packaging is a bit shoddy. The bottle doesn’t have a pump so it can be quite messy and wasteful.

You use it as you would any other cleanser. Pour a little into the palm of your hand, doing your best not to pour five times the amount you actually need, and massage into skin. It has a thin, runny consistency (similar to REN’s Omega 3 serum) which feels nice on the skin - nothing like the gloopy ones that feel like sunflower oil. (Ick) The oil doesn’t emulsify so you should remove it with a hot flannel (don’t bother with piddly little handkerchiefs calling themselves muslin cloths). Press the flannel into your skin and then wipe off. PURE BLISS. With no filmy residue afterwards.

However. It doesn’t quite remove all traces of make-up, so I use a couple of cotton pads soaked with micellar water (Bioderma) to finish off. This is why you should always double cleanse! But why use a cleanser that doesn’t do the job 100%? Because for me at least, after trying a dozen cleansers, being disappointed that none of them cut the mustard, I just accepted that I need two cleansers -.- (And that I should keep looking in the meantime.) It might be because I use suncream and foundation and both are very long wearing. (Try applying Luminous Silk to the back of your hand. DOES NOT WASH OFF.)
Update 15.09.14: It IS because of the suncream. I was lazy last week and skipped the suncream a couple of times and my make-up washed off completely.  So if you don't use suncream, this cleanser will be just fine for you. Also sorry for the lack of posts - no wi-fi at home *shriek* Typing on an iPhone is a nightmare!

I haven’t had any reactions (spots) which is no mean feat because my delicate little face reacts badly to almost everything. (Browse the archives and see for yourself mah -_____- ) So unless I find something better in the meantime ... it’s on my repurchase list :)

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