Friday, 22 November 2013

Why you shouldn't take your beauty advice from a newspaper

That’s a clipping from last week's Daily Mail. DAFUQ. On so many levels. Clinique’s “cleanse-tone-moisturise” routine may have had its day, but that’s because skincare routines have evolved into cleanse-tone-serum-lotion-moisturise-eat breakfast-suncream…  Companies are longer content to sell us three things - no - we need at least ten to achieve flawless skin. But it is true that toners have come a long way. The alcohol laden crap is less popular nowadays, and they don’t just remove excess impurities. If you're left with a yellowy residue after cleansing you need to return to step one (the sink) because it means you haven't cleansed properly. There are brightening/exfoliating toners, hydrating toners, clarifying toners (though typically full of alcohol and leave you feeling like a plucked chicken)... Toners restore the skin's balance and prepare your skin for the next step.

You could say they're not really necessary, just as anything beyond a basic cream to prevent your face drying and shrivelling up is not necessary. So sure you can skip the toner. BUT MAKE-UP WIPES? REAL PROS USE MAKE-UP WIPES? Please. Now I'm no expert, but of the make-up artists' blogs I follow, all of them prep models’ skin very thoroughly and are surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes skincare. I say surprisingly, because I took them as two totally different fields and used to think think they went in with their brushes and 500 eyeshadows and got to it. Not a face wipe in sight. The day I see one is the day I stop reading. I feckin hate the things. They do a crap job of removing make-up so I can't understand why anyone would think they'd do as a substitute for moisturiser and toner on top of that. Newsflash: you are not a make-up artist. You have a sink at home, use it. You wouldn't use a femfresh in place of showering would you.


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